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You should use the Sample letter as a guideline to help you write an acceptable Business letter. Business letters that do not follow the sample letter might not be accepted at the consulate, which may lead to a delay in obtaining your Business Visa. Don't forget to print it on your company letterhead as well as get it signed by an admin or manager.

Intel employees are required to go to Intel's visa assessment tool to determine the appropriate visa. Visa is determined based on activities not length of stay. If a business visa is required, please return to this website to process your paperwork.
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Sample Invitation letter for China
The Consulate General of China requires a business invitation letter from the host company in China. When preparing your invitation letter, please use the following templates:

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Sample Business Letter for Japan
The Japan Consulate favors a particular formatting in the business letter. You may download a sample below:

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Sample Letters for India
The Consulate General of India requires two letters; one from the host company here in the United States, and the other from the inviting company over in India. When preparing your letters, please use the following link taken from the Authorized Indian Visa Center's website. For DC applications, please contact Visa Network for further requirements.

*In the application, US and India address MUST match the letters respectively.

Sample Business Letter for Brazil
The following is a Sample letter tailored to meet the needs of the General Consulate of Brazil. One major difference is that the applicant should describe in detail what activities he or she will be undertaking during this business trip.

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