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U.S passport Update

Effective immediately - July 23rd. For all Passport Agency forms, excluding the letter of authorization, you must provide your physical address for question 8, do not put Visa Network's address.

Germany Visa Update

Effective immediately - July 9th. All travelers applying for Schengen Visas must apply in person in order to submit their fingerprints to the consulate in addition to the required documents. Click here for details
However, once you have done the fingerprinting at the consulate, we can take future Schengen visa applications to the consulate, please call Visa Network to check if you qualify.

India Visa Update

All India visa applications must provide confirmed travel itinerary to India in order to be accepted by Cox & Kings.

India Visa Update

We are now able to submit to the Indian outsourcing company, Cox & Kings. However, we are only allowed to submit on Friday afternoon. All applications must indicate a departure date to India within three weeks. Currently, Cox & Kings is taking 3-4 weeks to issue and release all passports and visas.

India Visa Update

The newly appointed India visa outsources company Cox & Kings, has started handling all visa applications for the Indian Consulate. Because of this transition, Visa Agencies will only be allowed to submit applications starting on May 27, and the visa process could take 2-3 weeks.
Applicants traveling in the next 2-3 weeks should make an appointment and submit their application in person. Once the application has been submitted, we can pick up the passport on their behalf.
Here is the link to make an appointment:

Additional updates for India:

Both the business letter from the U.S. side and the invitation letter from the India side must now state the duration of the visa that the applicant is applying for, i.e. one year or five year visa.

All Indian business visa applicants must now submit a copy of the Letter of Incorporation from the company in India along with their visa applications.

India Visa Update

The Embassy of India in the USA has awarded the new contract for providing Visa/OCI/PIO/Renunciation of Indian Citizenship Certificate application support services to the Cox & Kings Global Services Pvt. Ltd., to be operational from May 21st, 2014.
The current Service Provider, BLS International Limited, will be closing all its operations with regard to Visa/OCI/PIO/Renunciation of Indian Citizenship Certificate support services in the evening of 20th May, 2014 at all locations in USA.
The US Indian Embassy has issued a press release that affects all Indian visas process. Please refer to the press release to become aware how you will be affected whether you have submitted an Indian Visa application already or plan to submit in the near future. There will be major delays and new applications will not be submitted as of May 16, 2014 due to this new transition. We will advise immediately as soon as we receive new information from the Indian Embassy.

U.S passport update

All persons applying for first time U.S passport, passport renewal, or additional pages in their US passport must complete the letter of authorization by hand personally, not their admin or anyone else.

Brazil Visa Update

Due to the World Cup soccer tournament this summer in Brazil, the Brazilian consulate here in San Francisco is experiencing significant delays in visa processing. Brazilian Visa applicants should contact Visa Network direct for details.

India Visa Update

Please be advised that effective April 2nd, 2014, all U.S and Non-U.S Indian Visa applicants must complete the additional declaration form.

Vietnam Visa Update

New online application form for Vietnam consulate is launched at new link (Click here for new application). Old version of Vietnam visa application will be not be accepted from now on.

Korea Visa Update

Effective Jan 17st, Korean consulate is now taking 48-72 hours to process any visa.

Is your Passport about to expire?
Most countries require at least seven months of validity in your Passport. We can assist in the renewal of your U.S. Passport if it's about to expire. For other nationalities, please call.

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