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Israel Update

Effective immediately - Oct 16th. The consulate is requiring all travelers to have an itineraryshowing a departure date of at least 4 weeks from the day of submissionto the consulate. They will not accept any applications showing adeparture date sooner than 4 weeks.

U.S passport Update

Please be advised: 24 Hour service for USA Passport Renewals and China Visas are available on a need-basis only. You must call our office and email your complete set of documents to for agency services or for China visa services BEFORE you send your documents to us. Everything must be emailed by 3pm Pacific Time on the day you call.

Please remember to enter your complete home address for mailing address on all Passport Agency forms, i.e. DS-11, DS-82, DS-4085. Please do not put Visa Network's address as your mailing address. All forms must comply with the agency's requirements, even if Visa Network is submitting on your behalf. We will still be able to pick up your passport from the agency upon completion.

Effective immediately - Sep 15th. Letter of Authorization MUST BE HANDWRITTEN by the APPLICANT ONLY. Nothing can be pre-typed. They must write "Visa Network" next to Courier Company Name. Signature on all forms must match signature on passport. Your application will be rejected and you will need to resend all your documents if you do not comply with these requirements from the passport agency.

All applicants that need to renew their passports due to extensive damage to their current passport OR have lost their passport MUST include a personal statement that explains what happened to the current passport. It must be addressed to the Passport Agency in San Francisco. It must be included in the package you will retrieve after making an "in person" appearance at the post office. See "Lost/Stolen" link on our website.

Germany Visa Update

Visa Network can only submit German visa applications for applicants that have submitted their biometrics to the consulate ON or AFTER May 15, 2014. Your previous visa will indicate that you qualify with the following mark: "VIS". This will indicate that you have submitted your biometrics after 5/15/2014 and we can submit on your behalf.

Turkey Visa Update

Effective immediately - Sep 1st Visa Network is now able to apply for the Turkish E-Visas for US passport holders and most Non-Us passport holders, please check our visa requirement page for Turkey.

U.S passport Update

Effective immediately - July 23rd. For all Passport Agency forms, excluding the letter of authorization, you must provide your physical address for question 8, do not put Visa Network's address.

Germany Visa Update

Effective immediately - July 9th. All travelers applying for Schengen Visas must apply in person in order to submit their fingerprints to the consulate in addition to the required documents. Click here for details
However, once you have done the fingerprinting at the consulate, we can take future Schengen visa applications to the consulate, please call Visa Network to check if you qualify.

India Visa Update

All India visa applications must provide confirmed travel itinerary to India in order to be accepted by Cox & Kings.

India Visa Update

We are now able to submit to the Indian outsourcing company, Cox & Kings. However, we are only allowed to submit on Friday afternoon. All applications must indicate a departure date to India within three weeks. Currently, Cox & Kings is taking 3-4 weeks to issue and release all passports and visas.

India Visa Update

The newly appointed India visa outsources company Cox & Kings, has started handling all visa applications for the Indian Consulate. Because of this transition, Visa Agencies will only be allowed to submit applications starting on May 27, and the visa process could take 2-3 weeks.
Applicants traveling in the next 2-3 weeks should make an appointment and submit their application in person. Once the application has been submitted, we can pick up the passport on their behalf.
Here is the link to make an appointment:

Additional updates for India:

Both the business letter from the U.S. side and the invitation letter from the India side must now state the duration of the visa that the applicant is applying for, i.e. one year or five year visa.

All Indian business visa applicants must now submit a copy of the Letter of Incorporation from the company in India along with their visa applications.

Is your Passport about to expire?
Most countries require at least seven months of validity in your Passport. We can assist in the renewal of your U.S. Passport if it's about to expire. For other nationalities, please call.

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